How Did Vegetables End Up Into Your Books

vegetable based inks
Have you noticed that children books have become odorless? Thanks to vegetable based inks, odorless is progress, odorless is now.
Do you read bedtime stories to your precious little ones? If so, or if you were read to as a kid, you know and remember the feeling of bonding… to the power of infinite. Magical! Have you ever noticed that most children books have become somewhat odorless? Yes? No? In any case, don’t be nostalgic. Odorless is progress. Odorless is now.
Inks smell. Or can. Or don’t.
Yes and no.
Trust your nose.

Inks and Vegetable based Inks: a quick 101

In short, the formula for ink is: a liquid base + a pigment + a bonding agent.
Add a waxing agent, and you’ve got waxed paper.
Yet simplified.
You get the picture.
For the longest time, the liquid base has been petroleum. Hmm… Petroleum? Not the definition of ”odor free”. Far from the best for VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and healthy breathing. Not sustainable in any way. Not renewable. Etc.. You know the drill (sic).
Vegetable based inks gain momentum. Now you find them into print books, newspapers, advertising material and a lot more. There are many bio-based alternatives, amongst which the most common ingredient is soy. Yes, soy again. To the rescue of yet another problem. A true champion with logo!
The advantage of vegetable based inks?
First, let’s add a few ‘S’. As in advantagessssss. As you can expect, vegetable based inks make up for petro-based inks’ downfalls. No gas-like smells. Far less VOCs. Much eco-friendlier. A renewable and greener liquid base. That said, as in anything, there can be downsides and these inks need more time to dry.
Most important of all though, green printing is no longer an avenue. You can print ”green” at work and at home.
Cost-wise, anything goes:
  • It can cost you more that what you currently pay
  • Or less
  • Or even far less
The web is full of alternatives and solutions. What to do? The best thing you can do is research your own solution. Two words to get you started: google it.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star♫♪♫

It’s after bath time, the littles ones have their pyjamas on. The house is growing still. It’s story-telling time. A magic moment. You read the same story for the fifty-seventh time and notice the illustrations are so vivid…
A final fact about veggie based inks? Petrol is darker than vegetable based oils and it dims colors while veggie oil ignites the rainbow…

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star … See the colors as they are♫♪♫

Look at a fun example: these sustainable prints!

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