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Original commuter backpack By Henty Designs
Original commuter backpack
C$ 199.99
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Original commuter backpack

Henty Designs

Industrial designer

Henty was founded in 2012 as a result of a simple problem – how to transport business clothing to and from the office with it ready to wear on arrival. Jeremy Grey developed a prototype bag to solve this problem for his commute to work in Sydney, Australia. The concept worked well, so he and childhood friend Jon Gourlay founded Henty and set about to hone the design and commercialise the bag. That first prototype evolved into The Wingman – Henty’s acclaimed premier product. The Wingman is a multi-purpose suit and garment bag which allows users to transport their work wardrobe with ease. Today, Henty is proud to be a leading, sustainable company based in Tasmania, Australia, creating innovative products based on a “carry clever” ethos and selling them around the world. SEE ALL MY PRODUCTS

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