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Who's (proudly) hiding behind GeniusDesign?

Every day in the greatest happiness GeniusDesign is dreamed, sketched and tirelessly improved by Frederique Chatain. Frederique is an HEC graduate who has made her mark by collaborating on several major marketing projects. Passionate about design, she recently decided to take up a huge challenge realizing her dream of promoting unique objects.


GeniusDesign brings creative design straight to your home's heart

Everything started from a fairly simple observation: carefully designed furniture and decoration items have a positive impact on our quality of life. So we decided to build a platform, offering you the possibility to find unique quality objects. A platform where creators can share their passion for what they do and where you can find items you will love. This platform, we hope you will love it as much as we do.



GeniusDesign's work upstream is to feature impeccable brands

Because you have other priorities, the Genius team spends considerable amount of time spotting, meeting and vetting designers spread around the world.
Our obsession is to find new cool stuff, never seen before, but this research does not stop there, far from it. Frederique tracks talents (almost) everywhere. Her colleague Kevin Levesque, an 
architecture Graduate from the University of Montreal and practicing in the field of architecture, joins her to bring a different perspective and expertise.


Kevin analyzes and comments on the work of applying creators by answering five main questions:

  • Does the product meet a need? Genius avoids featuring only pretty products and focuses on objects that have a meaning, or even several in the case of products that are scalable and multifunctional.
  • Does the product innovate?
  • Is it made with quality materials (e.g. metal purity, FSC wood certification, use of local resources, use of organic varnishes)?
  • What is the level of quality of the manufacturing?
  • Finally, based on the answers to the 4 questions above, is the price fair and justified?

We develop business and trusted relationships with our suppliers. Also, even if a brand name is not known to you, it has been vetted by GeniusDesign. So that you can fully enjoy the Genius experience and let you tempt by this new cool article without worry!


GeniusDesign's Promise Online

The GeniusDesign team is doing an enormous amount of validation work upstream of its brands. The watchword is to establish a reputation for trust, and this will continue when you shop at geniusdesign.club. When you make your payment, GeniusDesign transfers you to PayPal. As a result, none of your payment information will be transmitted to or stored by geniusdesign.club, apart from the basic data required for delivery, your name and other contact information (address, phone number, email). To guarantee the protection of these, GeniusDesign has the SSL protocols that make it a secure site.
Your transaction is therefore safe.
Hamdi is the genius if the shadow who works on programming GeniusDesign and watching over its inner workings.


GeniusDesign All-The-Way
The experience on Genius is very secure (and above all) after your purchase. Despite the energy and care that are brought to satisfy you, small pips can happen. The Genius Design team is still present by proposing a carefree after-sales policy in 2 parts which provide for almost all the scenarios.

1. A glitch?
For all its brands, GeniusDesign manages the following situations at its expense:

  • Poor Item Shipped
  • Damaged item
  • Defective item

2. A regret?
GeniusDesign allows you to change your mind and return an item without a reason. The parameters of this policy are as follows:

  • You have 10 working days to notify GeniusDesign of your return.
  • The article must be in perfect condition.
  • The costs of return are at your expense.


This is how GeniusDesign makes the promise:
From a selection of products all but annoying
Respecting the highest quality standards
Reliable and attentive service.