What does genius mean

Genius Design brings creative design straight to your life's heart

Everything started from a fairly simple observation: we’re surrounded by a lot of useless objects. Which led us to a fairly simple question: why not focusing on meaningful consumption?

So we decided to build a platform, offering you the possibility to find unique and useful objects. Each one of them solves a precise problem and will improve your life, in one way or the other.

An interesting thing in the process of thinking behind the production of a product, is that it creates simpler and sleeker items.

So we’re a place of little if not, any bling-bling.

This platform, we hope you will love it as much as we do.

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A team at your service

All our collaborators put a lot of efforts to get a wow from you

As you already noticed, Genius Design is a top-notch online shop. But we’re far from being all virtual and dealing with us is a guarantee that real people are there to take care of you. From the very beginning of the process, some of us travel all over the world to find the best products and identify the last trends.

Discover our great collaborators!

Frederique Chatain


Passionate about design, she recently decided to take up a huge challenge realizing her dream of promoting unique objects.

Kevin Levesque

Design Expert

Kevin Levesque, an architecture Graduate, brings his technical expertise to the team and help select products.