3 Ways Smart Material Changes the Face of Men’s Accessories


Do the materials that our men’s accessories are made of matter? Of course, they do! We can’t expect to be trendy while sporting a cheap pair of gloves. Using smart material for our accessories is imperative if we expect to have long-lasting apparel. It is also wise if we want to make a difference to the world we live in.

Why “High-Tech” Fabrics?

It might be difficult to think of the fabrics that we use as “high-tech” but they can be. Quality products rely heavily on technology to improve the durability and function. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Smart Material for Touchscreen Gloves

High-quality touchscreen gloves might use silver-coated nylon fibers woven into the fabric. This helps to sense the conductive properties of your skin and make them more touchscreen compatible.

While that may not seem important to you right now, think about how you’ll feel when the weather is frigid and you need to check your e-mail? With those cheap gloves you typically purchase, you try and touch something on the screen and it just doesn’t work.

Technology can create anti-pilling properties so that even when the gloves are washed, they remain just as durable as the first day you wore them.

Smart Material for Wallets

Can you count the number of wallets or belts your dad has purchased in his lifetime? Why? Because the technology wasn’t available yet to design him a durable option, but it is accessible to you.

10XD™ RIPSTOP is an Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene that has been designed to be 10 times stronger than steel. It is currently the strongest fiber available on the earth. This smart material offers you a durable, long-lasting option you can feel good about.

Smart Material for Water-Resistant & Stain-Repellent Shirts

Using hydrophobic nanotechnology applications, we can now purchase water-resistant and stain-repellent shirts. This allows for the dirt and water to run off the surface of a fabric without affecting it. This innovation was born from the inspiration of examining the self-cleaning properties of a lotus leaf.

Buying smart fabrics such as this allow for a longer wear and simpler ease of cleaning. It is also geared toward long-term sustainability for the environment.

Is This Worth More?

By now, the question you are asking yourself is if the technology is worth the additional cost. That’s a valid question. Whether you are looking for the best touchscreen gloves, strongest wallet or a new water-resistant shirt, you need to evaluate the cost versus the use.

Spending $20 on gloves seems to save you money, but it really doesn’t. In a winter’s time, how many of those gloves will you end up purchasing? They start to wear out as they make their way through the wash and you waste money.

This is why you want to invest in accessories made with technology. With proper research, development and execution products excel. This personalization makes the price go up, but it is well-worth saving the landfills from one more pair of gloves.

Think About It

With the future of smart material in your products, you have the power to look your best, invest your money wisely and feel good about your decisions. Save yourself some money in the long run, save the environment from more broken products wasting away and allow yourself to look sexy while sporting the best in technology.

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